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Steering & Suspension Repair Services

Properly aligned steering and suspension can help deliver a smooth and controlled ride. The steering system and shocks bear the weight of your vehicle, maintain the tires traction on the road when driving, and assist in delivering a smoother, safer trip.


Your steering and suspension system should be checked once a year to prevent significant repairs down the road.

Don't Ignore The Warning Signs

By paying attention to warning signs, you can save money on costly repairs down the road, while keeping your passengers safe. If your vehicle tends to pull to one side, wanders back and forth, has wheels that wobble, non-responsive steering, wheel vibration, steering wheel slipping and high-pitched noises while steering at low speeds then you should have your vehicle looked at by K.G. Mobile Mechanic.

Some of the suspension components we repair:

  • CV Joints

  • Inner and Outer Tie Rods

  • Power Steering

  • Rack and Pinion

  • Ball Joints

  • Shock Absorbers

  • and much much more



If you notice any signs your vehicles suspension system isn't operating the way it should, your vehicle needs attention by K.G. Mobile Mechanic


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